65 Days Old

These pups are big. They're sitting at around 6kg at 2 months old, far larger than any of the Nihon Ken pups I've dealt with so far (other than Akita pups of course).

The girls' ears are all the way up, and Kenzo's are pretty much there now as well. The pups have started their crate training (which Momo hates), but baby steps should get us where we need to go. It turns out that Momo does not seem to get carsick, while Kenzo and Summer do.

Anyway, they've gotten a fair bit of socialization with people of all shapes and sizes, and some other dogs recently too. They've done quite well at the hardware store and the vet's, and they are now learning to get used to collars and leashes.

I don't have enough time to get the solidly crate trained, and housebroken, but I'll do what I can with the time I have left with the pups. They'll all be gone within a week, and it makes me a little sad to think of not getting to keep them all here and see them grow up.


  1. They are all looking so good. They look so happy and fun. Baron sure looks like a proud papa

  2. Does Momo have a home yet? She's my favorite out of your litter.
    The pups look a lot like (sesame) Kishu to me, but I've only seen pictures and video so I can't really be a judge.

    1. Yes, all the pups have homes lined up now. When the pups were born, Kenzo and Summer were the relaxed calm pups, and Momo was the loud active one. As they grew it became more obvious that she is the most inquisitive and energetic of the bunch, as well as the most vocal. As a companion I would prefer Kenzo or Summer, but as a hunting dog I would take Momo out of this litter. She's a sweet girl too, and very agile and fast.

  3. Kenzo arrived at new home today, in the US. He is a handsome sweat little guy. Thank you Shigeru


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