A Rainbow of Hokkaido Ken Puppies

What else do you call it when you have white, brindle, and black & tan pups at your kennel at the same time? The large white male is Masa, the smaller white female is Piri, the brindle male is Ezo, and the black & tan female is Genko. Part of me wants a sesame Hokkaido to be thrown in there, but that would be one Hokka too many. For me though, I think 1 Hokka is 1 Hokka too many. I don't know that I'll have too many more Hokka pups staying with me for long periods of time. I'll wear out my welcome in the neighborhood, and they're just too much work.

Tomorrow I'll be driving down to Shikoku island, visiting some of the kennels, and hopefully breeding a female to a nice black sesame stud down there. Fingers crossed that it all goes well, and that my dogs behave while I'm gone for the next few days!


  1. I hope your Shikoku breeding is successful! I would really love to get a pup from this breeding if there are any males as a result! ;) -Jae

  2. Oh yes, Hokkaido pups are most certainly a handful!! We now just refer to Yume as the Savage Beast dog.


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