Bishome x Unta: 4 Weeks Old

The pups were dewormed today, and overall look to be in excellent health. After observing them for the past month none of them are shy or showing any abnormal behavior. It looks like a pretty well rounded litter.

Last week Mr.Suzuki from Futomi Sou, and Mr.Iwahori from Nidai Iwahori Sou, came to visit and see the pups. We had a nice sit down, and a few drinks, after which we took a look at the pups.

Before their eyes opened, I was leaning toward the black sesame male over the red sesame, and wasn't sure whether the female would surpass the boys. Well once their eyes opened, I've been pretty sure that the female is the pick of the litter for me. Very nice balance in head and body, nice temperament, good color. She looks very promising. The other two boys are nice as well, and they look good with no noticeable flaws. The black sesame male has a little more white tipping on his tail than I'd like, but that's picking at gnats.

So, I brought out the pups for us all to look at, one by one. There were approving nods for all 4 pups actually, even the small little tyke that I call Mighty Mouse. He's small, but he hung in there. I brought the two larger males first, and then the female. There seemed to be a consensus toward the red male, but once we lined all the pups up, everyone agreed 100% on the female. I was planning to keep a pup out of the litter if they looked promising, and since they did, I thought to keep one of the males. Now this throws a bit of a monkey wrench into my plans, but what can I complain about, I've got a really nice litter with very few visible flaws.

I sent Mr.Yano pictures of the pups, and he liked the black sesame male (no surprise there). After looking at the pups today, I think I'm liking the red male best out of the three males, for now anyway. I think it's just a matter of taste at this point, because the 2 males and female are all very nice pups.

Over the next week I will watch for temperament and structure, and have a physical done by my vet. I guess I'll have to decide then on which pups will be placed where.