If you're looking for hand crafted collars, leashes, and leads for showing your Nihon Ken, 'Adachiya' is the place for you. Located in Tokyo's famous Asakusa, it's been around since 1885. Adachiya often has a stall at the NIPPO national, but most of their products are made to order.
Adachiya has a 1 month waiting list for collars at the moment. 


Now if you're looking for leashes and collars for Shiba (and a small selection for the medium size breeds too) then look at this site It's much cheaper, as the gear is not hand crafted.
#################EDIT: E-shiba does not ship overseas. They also do NOT have English speaking staff, so please do not mail them or call them unless you speak Japanese. People continue to try to contact them directly after finding this information on my blog, and if this persists I will have to remove these type of postings.#####################

However, for Akita and Tosa collars, and quality original items, Adachiya is the place.

A Tosa collar for 38,850 JPY

Collar with chrysanthemum ring stud for a medium sized Nihon Ken.

The same design, but in gold or silver for Akita. This is what you want for show right here. Size 51 is for females 10,080 JPY, and size 57 for males 11,760 JPY. Size 54 is an in between size for large females, or smaller males. There is also a size 60 for large males.

Akita show leashes in gold, silver, and a gold/silver combination. Size 3 for males 23,600 JPY. Size 4 for females is 19,680 JPY. Size 5 is 15,750 JPY. They also make a cotton version in ordinary colors like black, red etc, for @5000-6000 JPY

How to get there

The closest station is the subway Asakusa station. You can walk here to Adachiya in around 5 minutes. The shop is located along the walking road leading to the temple at Asakusa. If you start from the beginning of the walking road where the big red gate is

Walk around 200 yards toward the temple and Adachiya is on the left. Here's the google maps location I snagged today
Address: 1-31-3 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3844-1643


  1. There is also a size 5 leash which is the thinnest and preferred for females. The size 4 Akita leash is for middle sizes.

    Someone who has multiple Akitas and wants to save money on leashes and collars should get a size 4 leash with a 54 cm collar.

    1. Thanks for that info, Claire.

    2. it is impossible to contact shop. On mail there is no answer. Phone doesn't answer. How to learn goods existence?

    3. I mentioned at the bottom of the post that Adachiya does not ship overseas. I have now edited the post to clarify that they do not reply to email in English, and they do not have English speaking staff either. This goes for E-Shiba as well. If you are interested in anything from either of these shops, please ask someone who speaks Japanese to contact them for you.

  2. Hi there, I am in desparate need of a gold akita collar and lead. Is there anyway of getting one ? I live in france. i have two females and male. would like to use the one collar for both girls for shows... thanks for any help.

    1. Yes. Send me an email at

  3. Adachiya has a new web address:


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