I got up and walked/fed the dogs. I have an Akita pup here for a change, but that's temporary, as she will be going to Spain tomorrow morning. She's a beautiful girl, with an excellent temperament. I'll say it again, I love her temperament. She was sent up here from Kumamoto, and her sire is out of Aso Inoue Sou.

After everything at home was settled, Baron and I jumped in the truck to head out to Kamogawa to rendezvous with Kondo-san and his Kishu. His GPS collar broke a while back, so I had ordered a new one for him. We had a nice chat in the mountains, and took the dogs for a run.

There's another typhoon headed this way, so there were some great swells all along the coast. I've got way too many hobbies, and hunting puts food on the table, so surfing will have to wait. I had a nice bit of Boshu miso ramen at Bakin, a great little noodle place on the way home.

Then Baron and I made our way home via the beach, picking out some nice driftwood logs to make some furniture. Got home and took care of a small boar that I trapped yesterday, walked and fed the dogs again, played with the Shikoku pups, got some work in, took the Hokka pups out for some socialization to the bank and hardware store, and now here we are.

I'm throwing together a miso nabe for dinner featuring Japanese lobster & crabs that we caught the other night, throwing in some local pork and vegetables.... will knock back a few beers, and get ready to head out to the airport at 5am tomorrow. Geez, that means a 3am wake up.