The Kai Ken of Tenro Kensha

Tenro Kensha (Tenro Kennel) focuses on preserving Kai that carry the breed's original working ability. Here are 2 of their males, San (kurotora) and Kuma (akatora) solo working an 80kg boar at a training facility.

It looks like either of these males would make a good working dog. We shall soon find out.
Here's Tenro Kensha's website


  1. Juno's sire is Tenrou no Rikirou- are these dogs related to Juno? On the Tenro webpage, I really like the male just below Rikirou on the "males" page...

    1. Yes, Okabe-san line breeds, so Juno is related to all the dogs on the site (and in the videos). The male after Riki is Kuma, who is also in the second video.

    2. Kuma's face looks a lot like Juno & Sosuke.

  2. They look good! San looks a little like Akashi to me.

  3. Thanks for the post! In the first video is the owner giving direction (whistle) to the dog or is the dog all out doing what it wants running boar? I really like the Kurotora (San?). Hope you post on their future progress.


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