Game Cam 2013 Nov/Dec

I set up the game cam on the 15th of November next to a rub. This is a tree that is frequented by every boar in the area. In 2 weeks I got 267 photos! It's telling that pretty much all of them were taken at night. Rather than any special prowess that Baron and I have, I think it's the sheer numbers of S. scrofa leucomystax in this area that we hunt, that leads to our success. Why are the numbers high? Because no one else can hunt here, it's too close to houses, livestock, pets, and hikers. This is the main reason I've spent years of time and energy to raise him as a 'safe' hunting dog.

They're not camera shy either


They rub the rub


  1. Very cool pictures! those boar eyes at night is neat.

    I'd love to set up a game camera in a spot I see male deer rubs.. Might try that soon.


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