Hunting Season 2013: Day 9

My brother's boss wanted to tag along on a hunt, along with his 13 year old son. I said yes, and so on a rainy cold morning, the two of them showed up at my house at 8:30. By 9:00 we were out in the mountains along with my brother.

Baron was on something almost immediately, but it was running, and try as I might to cut it off, it wasn't happening. We moved on. Another 20 minutes in and we started seeing fresh boar sign. Baron moved along the path to the right, and then downhill. The barking began, I moved downhill, but there were multiple boar, and they moved downhill into bamboo. Baron came out, I moved in to encourage him forward, and he left me there. Seems there was a straggler that he decided to go after instead, but thanks for leaving me in the middle of a bamboo thicket surrounded by angry boar, Baron. I couldn't get a look at them, but was trying to get a shot for a while. I had left everyone else at the top of the ridge, so they went after Baron, but he was already on his way back by the time they got there.

I enjoy letting people tag along with Baron and I, but at the same time it does cramp our style a bit. More people equals more noise, and pretty much everyone I know is not as fit as we are, so it slows the whole process down.

It was cold, windy, and wet on this day, so I needed to get Baron right on top of the boar in order for him to pick up fresh scent. This meant I needed to walk down to the bottom of all the little fingers of every ridge, and then back up. It's a fucking tiring endeavor dragging one's ass through wet, slippery underbrush.

At the highest point on the trail, there is a clearing with a beautiful ocean view, and some bushes below. From the moment we got to the clearing, Baron was scenting the breezes from below, and being very tentative about it. He moved into a ridge on the left of the clearing, so I thought they were further below. As it turned out, they were in the bushes below the clearing, but Baron was trying to flank them. I ended up on the left ridge, with everyone else still in the clearing, and an angry mob of boar chasing Baron in the bushes. Baron came out of the bushes to find me, but with me not being there, he lost the will to go after them. I could hear them slipping away through the ridge to the right of the clearing. Sounded like the circus was leaving town. If Baron and I had not had company along, we probably would have taken a boar here.

We moved further into along the trail, paying attention to the time since we didn't want to get caught too far back in the mountain with the tourists. We started heading back in the direction of civilization, and picking up the pace to get out of the mountains before dark. I noticed a change in Baron, as he seemed to be scenting on the trail which was a bit odd. Suddenly up ahead on the trail I saw movement. There was a herd feeding on the trail, completely oblivious to us. I quickly and silently eased one shot into my M3. Putting more shots in gets a bit loud. Baron looked like he was about to go charging in, so I had to move fast. They were around 15 meters ahead of me, and I spotted a large boar first, with a medium sized boar following. They disappeared around a bend, but there were three smaller boars quartered away, feeding, and still on the trail. I lined up a shot and popped one of the smaller boars. It rolled, squealed, and took off running. Along with all the other boar. It was getting dark, and I tracked them for a bit before calling it quits since there was no blood trail. Baron went after them for a couple hundred meters and came back.

We got out of the mountain just as it got dark. 4 boar on 9 outings. My marksmanship sucks as hard as ever. The next day we had a great BBQ with everyone, traditional boar stew and bbq all around.