Visiting Yamabiko Kennel (2)

The last post was all Shikoku pictures. Yamabiko has also bred award winning Shiba in the past, as well as Kishu.

All rights for these pictures belong to Yamabiko. Please do not copy or use them without their permission. 

Look at the how different Shiba head's were shaped in the past.

Working line Kishu out of my friend, Mr.Kondo's, line.

The two pictures above are not of a black sesame Shikoku. That's a black sesame Kishu you're looking at! They don't make them like that anymore.

Boar dog training.

One of Yamabiko's famous Shiba. He was a working dog too!

 Make sure your Shiba pups are all in a row.

Out of these 4 Shiba pups, which one would you choose to keep?

Fashionable hat, or fashionable pillow. Depends who you ask.


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