Wandering Italy

So back in the middle of March I flew to Italy again, with a Shiba male in tow. It was great to visit with some of my friends there, experience an Italian dog show, and enjoy another home cooked Italian meal. I also got to see Kazumi Go, a black sesame Shikoku pup that was born at my kennel last year. She was out of coat, and in that lanky adolescent phase, but I was happy to see that she's doing well in a terrific home. I also got to see two Hokkaido pups that I sent over to Italy last year. They're both doing well in show, and have turned out to be terrific dogs.

 The last day of my trip, I had a few hours to wander Rome as I am wont to do. I love wandering around old cities when I travel. All you need is a few bucks in pocket for a random cup of coffee somewhere, and a good pair of shoes.