Annnd the Puppies Are Here!

Hime's due date came and went while I was on a trip south. I was a little worried, so as soon as I got back at dawn this morning I took Hime for a walk. She was thrilled to see me, and we went on a quick walk, after which she beelined it right back home and straight into her crate. I took the Kishu gang on their walk next, and when I got back, puppy number 1 was just popping out. I guess she was just waiting for me to come home before giving birth.

The total count is 5 pups. 2 males, and 3 females. 1 female (she was the first one out too) looks like she might be a red, and all the other pups look like they'll be sesame/red sesame.

And for the non squeamish, here's a video of pup number 2 (a male) coming into the world. Hime handles everything very well when it comes to birthing, nursing, and puppies. She's usually very intolerant of other dogs, but with her own pups she's a terrific and patient mother.


  1. Yayyyyy Congratulations Hime. You must be so happy to have your very first planned litter with her :D

  2. Smiling big for you. Congrats Shigeru and Hime!

  3. Congrats on a nice size litter. :)

    We used progestrone testing to find out date of ovulation and then calculate the due date plus or minus 12 hrs. Looks like she might have ovulated in the later portion of the attempted breedings.

  4. Congratulations! Welcome, puppies! :)

  5. Thanks everyone. It is a pretty nice size Shikoku litter @ayk, and that's interesting about the progesterone testing.

  6. Congratulations!

    Thanks for sharing the video, what a magical sight to see the newborn puppies moving about.

  7. You're definitely a pro. When I whelped Kurenai, I was helping her clean the pups and placing them by her teats as soon as I could instead of letting them find their own way like you let that lil' guy do there.

    1. I let the mother deal with pups until she's done with the cleaning and licking, then I move in and dry them off. I try to keep things as natural as possible, letting the pups find their way to the teats, but I also make sure all of them get there as soon as possible.


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