Kotofusa x Tochimitsuhime: Day 14

The pups are 2 weeks old, their eyes have opened, and they're all in terrific health. The litter is still looking very nice, and I'm tickled pink. Yeah. I just said that.

From left to right: male, red female, small sesame female, large sesame female.

The red female. Still the smallest, still very red.

The large sesame female. We're calling her Godzilla for now.

The small sesame female. She's got the best hue of the bunch.

The male. Got a bit of an interesting face going on there. His stop is shallow like his mom's.


  1. Replies
    1. She's still my favorite, and Mr.Iwahori's as well, but the NIPPO judge that bred the line of Shikoku that Kotofusa and Kunitaka are out of likes the smaller sesame female. Their eyes have only just opened, so we will see how they go.

  2. They are all so sweet. Are your Pups all spoken for?

    1. I don't start deciding where pups go till they are at least 30 days old. There's a lot of people on my waiting list, but rather than take first come first serve reservations, I try to match up the right pups with the right people.


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