Just surpassed 200,000 blog views. Thank you for reading! The page views remind me that people actually visit the site, and it keeps me posting. I've got some Nihon Ken standard stuff that I really need to post about, and I should get around to it over the next week or so.

For now though, I am still surrounded by dogs. Luckily two of them will be shipping out this week. I've got a pretty large and odd assortment of pups here now. My nieces are dog lovers, just like me, and they help get all my pups socialized around kids.

World first here I think... there's a Hokkaido pup, an Akita pup, a yushoku Kishu pup, and a Hyuga x Kishu cross, playing tug.


  1. i always enjoy your posts and look forward to your info :)

  2. oo- What's a Hyuga? and how do you have a kishu mix of one?


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