Kotofusa x Tochimitsuhime: 74 Days

Time sure flies when you've got a bunch of puppies around. These guys are getting big, and I'm finally having to make the hard decisions about where each one goes.

 Here's Seki. Great color as always. She's just a tad bit reserved when compared to Goji.

Here's Goji. She's the most outgoing of the bunch, but can be quite a punk toward other pups.

And then Koma. He's the most mellow of the bunch, gets along with everyone. He's got his eye infection flaring up again. I'm having trouble sorting this one out, so I guess it's another trip to the vet for a look.

 I'm still accepting offers on these 2 litters. I will be looking for a home for Koma as soon as his eyes clear up. I have several requests for the females, but since homes tend to back out at the last minute quite often, I'm still open to other applicants.
I'll post about the other litter when I'm able.