BOB Shikoku

Ibuhime Go  Iyotenman Sou
BOB 99th NIPPO Grand National
Ibuhime is the grandmother of Kotofusa and Kunitaka.

Iyohime Go Iyotenman Sou
BOB 107th NIPPO Grand National
Iyohime is the daughter of Ibuhime and the legendary Kouhou Go (sometimes referred to as Takamine Go).


  1. Is Ibuhime out of coat? That picture makes her coat look very short.

    1. Yes, I heard she was out of coat at that time. However, the Choushun line does have shorter coats than the Hata line. I can see the difference here in my kennel when the dogs shed, especially comparing Bishoume and Kunitaka.

    2. It's almost as if they were trimmed/shaved. Interesting to know.


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