Retirement Home for Hime

This is Tochimitsuhime (aka Hime).
DOB: 2007/09/10
She just had her 7th birthday the other day. She's had 2 litters here at my house, and a few before that at Mr.Yano's kennel, and I think it's time for her to be retired. I've hinted about it recently, and a few people have inquired about her, so I figured I'd put all the information up here for people to look at. If you think you could give her a nice retirement home, feel free to let me know. In order to keep selecting dogs to keep here for breeding, I've come to grips with the fact that I will have to continue making space for new blood. In this case I've kept Goji, one of Hime's pups from her last litter.

Hime has been exceptionally healthy other than 1 run in with HGE
She also has good hips/knees.

She's a strong little bugger, and tenacious when she chooses to be. I've hunted with her a bit, but she doesn't really have enough drive to be a serious hunter. She mostly stays within 10 meters of me, and joins Baron when he gets on boar.

Here you can see the first litter she had here at my house

Hime is great with my males, but terrible with my other females. She has gotten along with other females before, but definitely not Shikoku females. She doesn't really play much with other dogs. Just a little play bow here and there.

Hime will chase cats and small critters.

She's a very low energy dog (unless the post man comes visiting), in the house and out. She doesn't destroy things indoors, and is toilet trained. I can actually walk her off leash as long as there's no worry of running into cats or other dogs. She's generally okay with strangers outside the house, just not okay with them walking into the house uninvited (she can be iffy about people coming into the house so needs to be monitored). She will alarm bark, but generally stops on command (after I've gone to see what's up). Just to add to this, Hime loves my nieces. And also, she has never shown any separation anxiety, and is crate trained.

She's not picky about food, meaning she'll eat just about anything, including fruits and vegetables (have to watch her weight haha).

To sum it up I'm looking for someone who doesn't have any other pets (maybe a male dog), and is looking for an easy going companion that likes to lounge around the house, and maybe go on long walks or hikes  on weekends. She will enjoy sitting around on the sofa, getting scratchies, and letting the mailman now that she's got her eye on him.