So I got back from Poland via Moscow on Wednesday, started tearing into the backlog of work here at the house on Thursday. Friday I went into Tokyo to translate some medical papers for a hospital, and then drove 100km to Saitama to visit some Kai pups (and have a great sushi dinner with the Inoue's). I got home late, spent some time with the dogs (I'm back at an easy to handle 7 dogs now), then Saturday I drove 150km to pick up a Shikoku pup (and have some great gyoza and see some more old books and pics of Nihon Ken), then another 100km to Haneda airport to pick up a Hokkaido pup, after which I drove another 100km around the bay for a quick work appointment and dog food pick up. Then I hoofed it back another 150km home to take care of the dogs, grab a bite to eat, shower, and crash.

I often think about how I'd like to show everyone that when I say I'm always busy, I'm REALLY BUSY. As in I'm on the go and working for at least 12-14 hours every day, 7 days a week. That being said, 'working' is a rather ambiguous term. Anyway, I'm at 9 dogs again, and I'm getting nowhere close to the tail end of my to do list. Life is not boring.

Nihon Ken puppies are generally ridiculously cute.

Oh, and before I got home I dropped by the vet to get some dogs vaccinated, x-rays taken, etc etc.

Ura-chan, meet Baron.


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