Post Phanfone

Phanfone started affecting Japan late on October 4, as it began weakening. High waves and winds of 90 miles per hour (140 km/h) were reported most in southern Japan.[17] At the Kadena Air Base, the typhoon killed an U.S. airman and left two others missing after they were swept out to sea.[18] It was also reported that 10 people were injured and nearly 10,000 houses are without power.[19] On October 5, Phanfone also affected the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix bringing strong winds and heavy raindfall which brought zero-visibility in the track. Due to this, this event stopped after a serious crash by Jules Bianchi.[20]
So far, a total of seven people were killed while four remained missing in Japan by the typhoon.[21]


Yes, it was a big one. I got up at 6am to make sure everything that could fly away was safely stowed. It had been pouring rain for 2 days previous which pretty much stopped all outdoor activity. I walked the dogs between downpours.

At 6am it was just gusting a bit, and I thought to myself that all the work renovating the house had made a big difference to the way it felt in a typhoon. Well an hour later it felt like the good old days. The big bad wolf was outside trying to blow down the house. Fortunately the only thing it did was blow down the chimney for my fireplace, then blasted air down the pipe causing the fireplace to explode ash all throughout the house. I lost one board off the side of the house, and some random garbage blew around. All in all it was not too bad. We had several trees down on the roads around my house, so after walking the dogs in the morning I was off with a few friends, a truck, and some chainsaws to sort that out.

The pups loved the post typhoon sunny day. Goji and Akane are getting big, and they're both beautiful.