Hips: Akane and Gakuto

 Gakuto Go's hips (Kunitaka x Bishoume) 6 months old

Akane Go (Kunitaka x Bishoume) 6 months old


  1. I like Akane Go's hips better.

    One thing that I've noticed in your x-rays is that the kneecaps are not centered. Still lots of information in the x-rays, but the under-rotation shows up as a squarish joint instead of a ball joint. The flattened portion is where the ligaments are attached (normal feature), and aren't seen if the legs are rotated more.

  2. If you look at Claire's/Kaiju's FB album with the x-rays, you can view how the kneecaps are lined up.

    1. @ayk do you mean the lower part of the legs need to be turned inward a bit more to straighten everything?

    2. Thanks! I'm teaching my vet how to take hip x-ray's haha.


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