Pay Attention To Your Dog's Signals

The Yamakagashi is a venomous snake native to Japan. We have a lot of them around here, and while I don't actively look for them, I will kill them if they're near the house.

A few minutes ago Goji was barking in her kennel, so I opened the window to see what was up. Always trust your dog's instincts and check out their alarms.


  1. Are they poisonous as well in your area, or are there not enough toads for that?

    1. They actually have two types of poison I believe, with the one that is secreted around the face being the poison they get from toads. The other form is an anticoagulant which is secreted by the fangs at the back of the mouth. It's got to be a pretty good bite to get that into you, but I've heard of dogs dying from it.

  2. I agree always listen to a dog's alarm bark.. One thing I love about Saya and Bella they don't bark for anything unless it's something off like a raccoon, opossum, coyote etc.

    One time when I was doing yard work Saya let out alarm bark she was facing the pond so I checked it out and there was a skunk on the trail by the pond. It wondered off into the high grass, but was nice to be alerted of that stinky fellow.

    Luckily the dogs didn't go after it my last dog got skunked and it's no fun.

    I'm lucky we haven't had venomous snakes in my area. They're listed for my state so I keep watch out so far just see rat snakes, garters, and blue racers.. There was a new snake, but haven't seen it recently to get a pic to id it.

    When I lived in Louisiana there were cottonmouths by the canal area. I'm surprised we never encountered any in the grass. brother saw one walking to work once.


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