NIPPO All Kanto Regional 2014 Fall

The NIPPO All Kanto Regional was held  on the 2nd of November. I entered Goji and Akane in the puppy class to get them their first ring experience. We eased them into the ring, and of course tails dropped at different points of the morning before getting to the ring. With so many people and dogs in the area it was important to have patience. Once it was their turn in the ring though, they both were quite comfortable, tails up, and Goji took 1st in class over Akane. The judge had a hard time deciding, and thought Akane the more promising pup, but Goji was in better condition. My friend Mark handled Goji for me, so it was a great experience for all of us.

 Here's Goji in the ring.


And Akane.

My good friend Mr.Ogawa of Gotenyama Kennel was there, and he brought Akane's sister Koharu along.

And here's one bonus shot of a recent litter at Nidai Iwahori Sou. Thanks for the pictures, Lauren!