What Am I Up To

...the NIPPO All Kanto, NIPPO Grand National, the hunting season started, visitors galore, a lot of work on the house, Thanksgiving, lots of dogs coming through on their way to all the corners of the globe, AKIHO All Kanto show, AKIHO Honbuten etc etc

It has not been boring, but I'm getting sleep where I can, working on the house when I can. Throw in butchering boar here and there, some duck and badger as well, and then a bit of drama every now and again, and I think it's recipe for a busy life. I haven't quite got a grasp on which side is up just yet, but hopefully I'll wrap everything up tight before Christmas, and get to relax a little bit. There are things to post about, and things to rant about, and I'll get to them all in good time I guess.

But here, I built a shelf above the dining room table.

Again, recycled wood as much as possible, and odds and ends as I find them. Everything comes together in the little cabin on the hill.

But yeah, sometimes I wonder, 'What am I up to?'