Hunting With Goji and Akane

Since Baron's out of action, the girls got their first real hunting outing. I showed them a boar a while ago, the first boar that Baron and I took this year. It was a small one, so perfect to start them off on.

They did pretty well, and showed some interest. Tugging and playing with the carcass. I had a chance to show Goji and Chacha (Taka's sister, 2 years old) some trapped boar a while back too. Chacha was having none if it, and was bothered by the gunfire. Goji wasn't very interested, but wasn't bothered by the shots. She did get a bit carsick though.

Anyway, the other day the girls got to stretch their legs. I walk them off leash all the time, so they're very good about sticking close. They had fun running, and started learning to climb the mountains. It's usually a bit of a laugh watching dogs their first few times out getting used to pushing through underbrush, and over/under obstacles. They're usually pretty clumsy about it.

I took them to some mountains in Kamogawa where there are not that many boar, but a lot of deer and muntjac. I like to start the dogs off in areas with a lot of scents, and that are not too dangerous. These mountains are fairly steep but clear, so the dogs and I have a good field of vision. I saw a few muntjac, but the pups never picked up on them. All in all though it was a fun day out with my brother and the pups. The weather was warm, the mountains beautiful, and we got some good exercise. Goji's carsickness is much better, but Akane was horrible.