We're Building a Treehouse

No rest for the wicked. 2nd of January and I was out starting work on a treehouse project for 3 days with children from Fukushima, the area affected by the tsunami and consequent nuclear reactor melt down. I try to help with volunteer projects when I'm able, and this one was a fun one since I planned to build a treehouse in my tree anyway.

No pictures of the kids since I'd need permission from their parents to post pics, but they were great, and we got the base done. With all my projects I try to use as much recycled lumber as possible, and so far for this project we've used 100% recycle. The big logs are old telephone poles, and the cross beams are out of an old house that was being torn down. Even the 24mm plywood on top is recycle from a motor show in Tokyo. The log we cut in half for the stairs was one my friend Mark found on the beach a while back, and the steps were out of fallen timber we found while hunting one day.

The kids will be back in March to help again, and we'll put up the walls and roof then, plus a slide.