This is Mei (Kotomi Go Yamabiko). She's just over a year old, and I placed her with a NIPPO kennel in Shikoku when she was 2 months old. I've got pictures and video of this Yamabiko litter up on the blog somewhere. Anyway, she was my pick of the 6 pups that survived, and I'm happy to say she turned out really well, and with a fantastic temperament to boot.

YouTube Video

Her owner was unable to show her in the wakainu class last fall, and then is busy again this spring. So I had her sent up to me to show. We'll see how everything pans out, but we took 3rd in class (wakainu prize) at the NIPPO Santama branch show a week ago.

She's got some flaws, but I really like her eyes. I'll write a post about Nihon Ken eyes when I get the time.