Friday, March 20, 2015

The Akita Girls

So these are my two Akita girls. Everyone's seen snippets of them in other videos and pictures, and always seem to be puzzled by who they are. The larger lighter female is Moo (because she's half cow), and the smaller redder female is Rai.

YouTube Video

Not a very flattering video, but just snapped it while the pups were all waiting to be walked.

Moo went through a few fear phases that took a lot of work to get past, but now she's quite good about most people. She had a lot of tear staining under one eye as a pup, something I see in a lot of Akita, but we cleared that up too. She's very vocal, mouthy, and gets very excited. She's one of those dogs that is forever a puppy. She's a fairly large female.

Rai is a very pretty girl, but on the smaller end of the standard. She's got a great temperament with dogs and people and is the pup I always show. She's very fast and agile, growing up and running with Shikoku all the time probably helped with that, and she's built very well with a really strong chest and shoulders.

Not the greatest hip shots I know, but they were done without sedation just so I could see what they look like.

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