Kotomi Go

So I showed Mei (Kotomi Go) at the NIPPO Tokyo branch show on Sunday. She wasn't standing properly in the morning, kept looking back at me and moving her ears. It was unfortunate because her coat is in better condition than last time. She'll probably come into heat soon.

Of course this is a great picture, but brownie points to you if you can find all the flaws in my handling, and in Mei. Go for it in the comments!

Anyway, we took third place again on a beautiful spring day. A photographer from the biggest dog magazine in Europe came to take some pictures of the Nihonken, so I was busy helping with that as well. Hopefully the pictures will make it into the magazine. We were going to try to get some hunting pics as well but it has been raining all week, so that didn't happen. Bummer.


  1. I'll take a stab at it with a few guesses. Let me know how close I get.
    You've got the lead pulled straight up instead of having her move forward such that the lead is at an angle.
    Her rear is turned to a different direction than her front with one hock and stifle extended and the other one compressed.
    Her balance of her stance looks like it's more centered than forward but I think that's due to the lead positioning.

    Other guesses:
    Tail could drape across the back a bit better with a little less tight curl.

    Regardless you handle your dog better than I do mine and congratulations on your achievements in the show!

    1. Yes on the angle of the lead. You can see I'm too far forward (I should be behind her) but this was in the morning when she kept looking back at me, so I moved forward.
      Her rear legs are askew, and the balance of the stance could be a bit more natural, but like you said, it's due to the angle of the lead.

      As far as Mei's faults go, I'll wait for more comments to see if people can nail them all.

  2. I'm no expert but I think:
    The handler's position (on the side but turned in front on her ) not help her off the mains, not ranking well in perpendicularly to the ground and this unbalances the rest a bit, it seems a little biased towards the right on the front, but in any case she doesn' t seem bad at ease.
    for me her faults (from this pic =D)
    head shape poorly full and for this the ears seem inserted slightly outward
    line behind the neck slightly marked
    chest little full
    The tan in the color is a little light
    I cannot see how are the phalanges
    I like so much her eyes
    I hope to see new pic soon :p
    which the male mate with? :)

    1. Everyone's covered the handling pretty well so I'll just move on to Mei.

      She has a poor stop which is pretty much the only fault in her head/face, and while her ears may be ever so slightly imperfect, it's really not noticeable when you look at her in person.
      Her coat is not the greatest in color or quality. It's not bad, but should be richer in both categories.
      Her tail is also too tight.
      Her body could be ever so slightly longer.

      I really do like her eyes, and she has a very feminine air about her.
      She's built quite nicely and overall only has minor faults. She has a nice temperament as well.

      I'm interested to see how far we can go if I can get her stacking well in the ring, and in slightly better condition.

    2. I got the tail right! I was thinking about the coat but I second-guessed myself because I thought I was being hypercritical. I think the photo on this angle makes it hard for me to discern the stop you're mentioning.

    3. Yeah! She looks so nice female and in anyway nippo handling is very hard! :)

  3. Looks like she was "posting" (front legs not vertical since she shifted her weight backwards). It kinda looks like you were forward and the leash angle was up in order to encourage to her correct that.

    She might have felt overextended in the beginning and so she moved one rear leg forward and shifted her weight back. If she's overextended, she might not be as angulated as some other dogs.

    1. Yeah, with the handling here what was happening is that she wanted to keep backing up or moving, so I was trying to hold her in position. Luckily in the afternoon she was much happier in the ring and stacking nicely.

  4. I can't tell from the picture, but what is wrong with her stop? Too much or too little? But I do really like her expression.


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