We Refuse To Get Up

After being on the go from 9am to 2am yesterday I refuse to get out of bed. It's 11:30 now and Baron's climbed the ladder (yes he's figured that out, just don't expect him to climb back down) to join me in this endeavor.

And you know what? Not a peep from the other 10 dogs. Friends complain all the time about how their dogs wake them up every morning at a certain time. Well, your dog has you very well trained sir. Dogs are creatures of habit, and if you always do things a certain way, they come to expect that, and also they get worked up knowing it's coming. I don't walk the dogs on a schedule, on a certain route, in a certain order, or feed the same way. Everyone is rewarded for being calm, and corrected for being loud or getting hyper. There's a balance between not letting the dog get to a place where he's so worked up that a problem behavior (like barking for instance) starts, ignoring it (no reward for barking), and correcting/redirecting. Anyway, those are my thoughts this morning as I enjoy listening to the sounds of the birds outside.

My last thoughts to dog owners everywhere: crate train your dogs.