Tricophyton Fungus

So I saw Chacha with this hair loss on her ears last year this time. She was not at my kennel yet, and it cleared up naturally. I assumed it was allergenic. But, she's at my house this year, and when she broke out, I had some testing done to see what it is.

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I have her separated from the other dogs, and I just got the diagnosis a few days ago. Tricophyton Fungus, so I guess ringworm. The symptoms in Chacha are hair loss on ears with a bit of scabbing. The hair dies and can be plucked off leaving bare skin. Anyway, just putting this out there for educational purposes. Hopefully I'll get this cleared up quickly and for good.


  1. aww poor girl. I know you'll give her the best care Shigs! Thanks always for sharing your trials and tribulations with this blog!

    1. Interestingly enough it's not bothering her at all. She's not itching, so other than the hair loss, not a big issue. It just might be a pain to get completely rid of it, especially with all the dogs here.

  2. Thank you! Sometimes here the dogs are infected by mycosis. Expectially when is so dry I noticed. In usually I started to keep clean and disinfected with clorexidina and anti fungal cream. where are a lot of this type of cream. In usually the care is long 1/2 months!! If was very bad situation I used specific antibiotic too. I have never seen tigna in dogs for now (for luck) but I have read what the tigna is very strong fungus I think that's better to use a combination of active medicines :)


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