Fungal Skin Issue in the Shikoku

So after getting a diagnosis for Chacha's skin condition (tricophyton fungus), it looks like all four girls may show symptoms of infection as well.

It is hard to tell in the other 3 girls since all are blowing coat now, and there is no clear hair loss, just some thin areas on the back of the ear. I have them on preventative medication anyway just to be safe. The kennels/house and everywhere the dogs go is being disinfected every few days with a bleach solution, and the kennels are being blowtorched to burn hair and any possible spores. The spores can remain dormant for up to 12months, so that really sucks.

Anyway, I've visited several kennels recently, and all of them have Shikoku with the same symptoms. Loss of hair on the edges of the ears, and some with hair loss on the bridge of the muzzle as well.

It seems to be seasonal, coinciding with the rainy season every year. Anyway, I've learned something new.