Japanese Pedigree Names

Coming up with good pedigree names is always difficult. The more dogs you breed, the more difficult it becomes to think up good names for all the pups. I just bought a book that solves that problem, at least for male names for the foreseeable future.

I was wandering in the book store and saw this small encyclopedia of famous katana (samurai sword). I thought it would be interesting to learn the history behind another Japanese art form, so snapped it up. Looking through it over breakfast today, I discover a lot of the names are great for dogs too. What better way to preserve the memory of these great swords than by naming another part of Japanese culture, the Japanese breeds, after them.

And hey, the names are even in English, though the rest of the book is Japanese.

If anyone's interested in the book, let me know and I'll see about finding more copies. It will probably cost around 4000JPY total to send it anywhere in the world.


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