They're Out There

Last week one of my neighbors from down the road dropped by early in the morn to ask for some help with the boar. They got into his rice field the night before. So, Baron and I headed out in the rain. At least the temps are cool, and being soaked makes them even cooler.

I originally put the pic of the boar on my FB too, but didn't like it there and the hoopla it was generating. I don't like trophy photos or trophy hunting, but I'll put this pic up here as part of the story I guess.


  1. It would be a trophy only if you were standing by the dead boar with a big satisfied smile (like "I'm stronger than this wild animal) on your face.
    We all know (well I guess those who read your blog or know you) that you aren't this kind of person. You respect the Nature, you even let the BIG spiders live around your house bwahaha ^^

  2. I appreciate the boar picture. Really gives perspective, especially to those of us who have never seen one. Cool to see Baron next to him too. How big is Baron, if you don't mind my asking? Seems like a solid dog.


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