Kuromasa x Chacha

Chacha was bred to Kuromasa, and while we got two ties in, she didn't start looking pregnant for quite a while. It's always a tricky thing catching the start of a female Shikoku's heat. I really was lucky in that I saw the tiniest drop of blood smeared on her back leg. Other than that nothing. No drops on the kennel floor or anywhere else for days after that, but it looks like I got it right.

This is Chacha at 3 years.

Her sisters, Meme and Nana, have been tearing up the show ring as usual, but Chacha was retired after losing the tip of her ear. Lucky for me, because that injury brought her to my house. I really wanted Chacha as part of my program because she's got a fantastic temperament, and great color. I wish her hips were better, but luckily they're not terrible.

We had tried to get a litter out of Kuromasa x Chacha 2 years ago, and actually drove 2000km round trip to attempt it, but while there was a tie, we got no pups out of it. Here's a picture of Kuromasa from that trip.

He's got a really friendly temperament as well, and good structure. I checked his hips, and while not fantastic, they're decent.

Well here we are 2 years later with 2 female red sesame pups. I'm excited to see how they turn out.


  1. Are you thinking about keeping one? Keeping one in Japan?

    1. Watching them for another couple weeks, but they'll probably both stay here. It also depends on some of the other breedings we've done (8 other females). We'll pick and choose the ones that will remain for show/breeding, and then we'll see about overseas and pet homes, generally always in that order.


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