NIPPO Chiba Branch Exhibition 2015 Fall

Dropped in on the NIPPO Chiba Branch Exhibition to help out, take some pictures, and hang out with friends. I took a lot of pictures, and here are some of some of the dogs I liked.

This female's color was not the greatest, but I quite liked the rest of her.

A friend's Kishu female. Sara took 1st place in the Wakainu 1 class.

 A friend's Shikoku adult male. He took 1st place and Honbusho.

Another friend's Kishu male. He took first place in the Soken class. He's the brother to a couple Kishu boys I had here at my house for a while, Tetsu and Sho.

Another friend's Shikoku adult male. He placed second in class.

 This is Ruru, the sister of my pup Riri that passed away last year in January.


  1. Indeed!! First female is very nice!

  2. Nice looking dogs! :D What determines good/bad (or maybe desirable is a better word) coloring on the shikoku? Is it markings or something else?

    1. Proper markings, urajiro, and hue. The red in the coat of the female at the top of the post is too brown in my opinion, giving it the look of a burnt red. Colors should be clear and vivid.
      The red in the male a few pictures down is more what you would want.


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