Baron x Tenko: 27 days old

So here are the girls. Everyone's growing nicely, and everyone is healthy. They're very mobile, coming out to do their business, and very eager to eat. Yesterday I saw Tenko regurgitate food for them for the first time.


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  2. I love these guys! There are so many Kishu puppies happening right now, I'm starting to get puppy fever. Do all these guys have homes picked out? I really like the first and second in these pictures. Something about their faces. <3

    Good luck, little puppies!

    1. Second one is pick of the litter :)
      I've got more homes than puppies, just trying to pick the right ones for the right people.

    2. I like that one best in these pictures. :D Nice pigment and eyes. I always feel like I'm flailing around without a clue in Kishu... I definitely don't know near as much as I want to, especially when it comes to picking puppies out and guessing what they'll turn out to be. That was the most stressful part of my litter experience the first time. I hear it doesn't get easier...


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