Bear Dogs?

I visited a friend the other day, and he happened to have a fresh bearskin hanging. He kindly gave me a piece and a foot so I could see what my dogs would think about it. Here are the 45 day old pups on their first bear

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


  1. Does their behavior with the bear hide give you any early indication of who may or may not have the spirit in the field to be a good hunter? Have you done this before with other animal hides and puppies?

    1. Some wariness, awareness of the danger, curiosity, and then some biting/barking are usually all I'm looking for.
      This is something I do with my litters just to gauge interest, and yes, possible hunting potential. I usually use a boar skin.

      Even more than looking for potential though, it also helps me weed out the pups that I think would do better in pet homes.


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