How Easy It Is

Random thought while hunting yesterday... It's really easy to ruin a good hunting dog. Even old dogs learn new tricks, and when hunting ichiju-ikku (one gun, one dog) it makes all the difference. Baron's six years old, and while we started off the season very well, taking other dogs with us, and usually having other people who want to tag along as well, has had an effect.

Luckily he's a fast learner so a few hunts with just the two of us should set things right again. I imagine everyone will be curious as to what has changed. He's less focused on exactly how he's going to hold the boar for me, so the boar end up slipping out of their beds. Since we don't get them right off (which is the culmination of the hunt process for Baron) he goes on a long chase, stopping them too far away from me which just tires us both out and is unproductive.