I Guess

...it's pretty easy to tell when I'm busy. I just stop blogging. Don't worry, I'll be back soon. It's tax season and the end of the fiscal year so I'm busy as all hell.

Random fact: Baron is the heaviest he's ever been. Even my vet was surprised. I've managed to get enough calories into him this hunting season, so he never hit skin and bone mode. Usually if I try to keep up with the calorie burn, at some point it overloads his digestive system and he gets diarrhea. He's sitting at a lean, mean, muscly 25kg now.

It's a warm day. Spring warm. I'm in a T-shirt at 9am smelling the smells of spring on the warm breeze. Life's good.


  1. That sounds so nice right now. I'm in the pnw filled with rain.

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