17 to 15

The Masamine x Chacha pups are 52 days old now, but I took this pic several days ago. Their ears are on the large side it would seem, and they're just starting to make an attempt to stand. Size aside, Shikoku ears are supposed to take a while to stand, with oldtimers commenting that it's odd how fast pups' ears seem to stand nowadays.

I'm down to 15 dogs now.  8 are mine, 7 are pups. It's a management program taking care of this many dogs and managing trips into Tokyo, surfing, hunting, working, but this round is going pretty well. While there's usually a fair bit of stress involved, I'm enjoying these cooler autumn days chilling with the pups. They're all very well behaved, toilet training going well, fairly quiet, fairly non argumentative with each other, and everyone's pretty healthy. Knock. On. Wood!

Shigeru Katoさん(@katothewalrus)が投稿した動画 -

Shigeru Katoさん(@katothewalrus)が投稿した動画 -


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