2016 Show Season Part 2

It's a bit tough to get a dog in show shape with a messed up knee. To be honest we were not nearly in peak form by the time the national was rolling around, but all you can do is your best. The week before the national Mark and I dropped in on the NIPPO Kanto All Regional with Masa and Cho.

I opted to have Mark handle Masa since I practice with him every day on our walks, and he's pretty fool proof by now if you figure out how to move him. Cho on the other hand was pretty out of it since he hates cars and gets very carsick. In the end I think we both ended up last in class haha. But it was a good and necessary practice, albeit an ugly one. This was Cho's second show, and Masa's as well (his last show was in the spring). Neither dog was in peak form, but Masa's coat was finally starting to come in.


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    1. Thanks very much. It is amazing to live in an age where we can share in each other's stories from the other side of the world.


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