One Post a Day Challenge

It's always a challenge to keep up with regular blogging. It takes a back burner to everything else going on, and when you've got an inbox with emails from October that still haven't been replied to... Apologies to everyone waiting for replies, but I have to triage everything.

Anyway, I've got a lot of material to post. I've spent years collecting and scanning old books about the Nihon Ken, with the goal of putting it online. So, here goes. I just woke up this beautiful January morning, highs of 18 degrees celcius expected, and I hope to get in a surf. But before that, I realized even when I'm extremely busy, I should be able to put a few random scans online. I'm going to see if I can throw up one post a day, at least for a while. To start with...

This is an old book titled 'Kishu Ken'. Out of print obviously. Anyway, going to just throw up some of the pages with pictures on them, famous dogs, good examples of the breed etc.

 And from here, some famous foundation Kishu.


  1. Nice,

    Its always nice to see what the old/older versions of the breeds looked like. These Kishu look a little more heavy set then the Kishu of today.

  2. I would chew off my right leg for this book. But only the right one.


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