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Just grabbing a bit of my Instagram since I missed posting yesterday, and darn near missed today too. Cutting back on sleep to get things done means blogging is a mean feat.

Masa's in better coat condition and has more bulk than he did at the national. Spring show season kicks off on the 26th.

Here's the big girls a while back getting a bit of play in. That's Sakura (Tosa) and Shura (Tosa/Pit/Mastiff/Cane Corso).

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 In addition to the Shikoku pups that still don't have homes, I've got 6 Shiba pups available as well. 2 females will be here at my place the day after tomorrow, a red and a white. They're both on the small side, with the red one being the cutest tiny Shiba out there. Anyway, I'll probably post video of the other 4 Shiba pups tomorrow.