Available Shikoku Pups

It's the first day of the hunting season, but I've got to get out to Tokyo for some work. I did spend some time snapping pictures of the multitude of puppies at my house. These two have a few interested parties, but they don't have solid homes yet. They were born on the 20th of August.

This first one is a female.

And then her brother, a red sesame male.

My email address is kato.the.walrus@gmail.com for anyone who's got any questions about them.


  1. Pups look great Shigeru! Hopefully you get some time to go out in the mountains with Baron and can post some great hunting updates and pictures.

    Curiosity question: For some reason I thought that Japan had an open season on intrusive species like Boar, and you could hunt them year round. Did I just make that up or was that the policy at some point? Maybe I'm thinking that you are able to trap boar year round? I don't know, I might just be imagining all of this.

    1. Each city has the power to set rules for culling nuisance animals. Mine has me hunting boar all year, but only within the city limits. I can hunt with my dogs, or trap. There are limited numbers set for other nuisance animals as well, but it's open season on boar (and we can't really keep up).

      I did get out with Baron and Rin for a few hours today. Had one good chance at a good size boar, missed the shot.


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