Kishu Registration Decline

Sounds like I'm beating an ever dying drum here, but by the numbers the Kishu decline is now worse than the Shikoku's. The numbers were there in my last post about the Hokkaido, but I thought I'd put them here too just so everyone's aware.

January of 2011  Kishu 700-900

NIPPO registrations in 2017
Kishu: 372 (JKC 2 probably exports, not pups)

So we've basically lost 50 percent of Kishu registrations in 6 years. In comparison, the Shikoku we've managed to keep the decline to a more manageable number, and I think there's a lot of awareness about the low numbers.

We're basically seeing extremely dangerous decline in registration numbers for all the medium size Japanese breeds other than the Kai. I'm thinking I'm going to turn my new Awa Yamainu blog into a mostly Japanese blog and see if I can bang up some interest here in Japan.

I'm thinking I'll breed Baron's daughter Karen on her next heat to do my part.


  1. Really sad news :(

    Its quite surprising that some of the Nihon Ken are not doing well in their homeland. Is it because most homes in Japan are not suitable for a highly active and intelligent breed... opting for something more docile instead???

    1. It's generally a reflection of what's going on with the country as a whole. The population is aging (less dog ownership), and young people have all moved to the cities into small apartments where pets are usually not allowed (or if they are, only small toy breeds).

  2. I guess their original purpose, hunting, is disappearing too... it's all reliant on agriculture now.


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