NIPPO Show Schedule Spring 2019

Here's the schedule for NIPPO shows in the Kanto (greater Tokyo) area.

March 3rd Tochigi Branch
March 10th Saitama Branch
March 17th Gunma Branch
March 24th Santama Branch (Western Tokyo)
March 31st Ibaragi Branch
April 7th Kanagawa Branch
April 14th Tokyo Branch
April 21st Yamanashi Branch (All Chubu Regional)
April 28th Chiba Branch (All Kanto Regional)

This is Kami-chan, a Bunta daughter born over at Yoshihide Sou, currently 4 months old.


  1. Hi, is the NIPPO show open to general public (i.e. none breeders, non members of NIPPO)? If yes, can you advise if there's an internet page which I can see/follow to find out where the location of the shows will be for 2019? Maybe more specifically the April 2019 Tokyo show.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, the shows are open to all. Locations will be listed on NIPPO's website

  2. Wow, it looks like she is already developing muscle <3


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