Nihon Ken Pedigree Database is ONLINE

Sooooo, the full version with capability for all 6 of the Nihon Ken is online! Thanks to the gentlemen at for helping us with all the backdoor fixes.

As you can imagine, this is going to take an immense amount of work to get all the data for all 6 of the breeds online. I'm considering opening up permissions to some select people to help enter all the data. Some of you have already expressed interest in helping with this, but please contact me again so we can discuss the details. I am trying to keep the data on the site as uniform and correct as possible, hence my trepidation at opening it up to all entries and editing.

I will be setting up a Facebook group to coordinate all the data entry, and to get feedback on fields we would like to add/remove, health issues to track for each breed etc.

The database is on its way! Of course there are some bugs that need to be ironed out...


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