COVID-19 Affecting Import/Export

As always, many people have been contacting me about importing Nihon Ken from Japan. I just wanted to update everyone on the current situation in Japan regarding the export/import of dogs.

All cargo shipping of dogs internationally has been shut down till at least the end of May. We have not yet received a timetable for when this will open up again.
Japan was under a national state of emergency which was just lifted yesterday for large parts of the country.However the greater Tokyo area is still under a state of emergency, and all but essential movement is prohibited.

Japan's borders are also currently closed to nationals of many countries, so you would not be able to fly to Japan to pick up a dog until this is lifted.
The timetable for opening up the border is also unknown.

So, I guess we will all just have to wait and see how things progress, and if any new information comes my way I will post an update here on the blog.