Vega x Momo: 30 Days Old

 So I've slacked in that 2 litters are on the ground at my house, but I have posted nothing about them on the blog. Oops. They are on my Instagram feeds though.

Anyway, here is the Vega x Momo litter at 30 days old. The mating was natural. Threw Vega and Momo together, they did all the humping. The birth was natural, Momo did all the work. Quite happy with my kennel camera system, as I was on my way home and saw the first pup pop out while I was still 30 minutes away. I sat with Momo and watched the rest enter the world while having a nice bento. In a world where there are so many breeds that 'need help' to mate, and are unable to give birth naturally or on their own, I find it refreshing to have a litter like this. It seems, well, right.

There were 4 pups, 3 females and 1 male. This is the male.

Female 1

Female 2

Female 3

I've been taking regular videos of them as they mature, which hopefully I will have time to edit and put up on the blog to help people evaluate their NK litters.