NIPPO Santama Branch Exhibition, Spring 2022

 So let's keep that ball rolling. I felt like I should be blogging something 'important', but really, I should just get to it and start with what's easy. 

April 24th, 2022. Covid has put a major wrench in show schedules for the past two years, with two Grand Nationals canceled. But, it looks like we've found our way through to a more comfortable place, and this spring most NIPPO branch shows and regionals are moving according to schedule. 

I got up at 4am today to take care of all my dogs, and then make the 2.5hour drive to the venue for the NIPPO Santama (west side of Tokyo) Branch Exhibition. Entry numbers are way down this year, and the Santama branch felt the bite for sure. There were only 91 entries. Branch shows usually have somewhere in the vicinity of 150 entries. Most disconcerting this season has been the low number of entries of young adult dogs, with many classes having 0 entries.

Regardless, we're happy to be able to hang out together and see each others dogs. I showed three of mine: Doru (Doruto Go Shibukawa Kato Kensha), Alice (Arisu Go Awa Yamainu Sou), and Iyo (Iyo Go Musashi Aiwa). Doru and Alice both took 2nd place in their respective classes, and Iyo was in puppy class which does not have placements, but she did receive an excellent.

And here are some pictures for tax

First place adult female (and BIS)
Second place adult female
Third place adult female
Alice (taken by my good friend Okabe-san)
Headshot of the little lady (also taken by Okabe-san)
The little puppy monster Iyo
Doru was determined to be an absolute monster, defending the universe against the other 2 Kishu males in the ring. They had the same idea, so it was a bit of a mess trying to keep everything sane. But that was why we were there, to continue the process of toning down Doru's insane energy in preparation for a hopeful Grand National run at the end of this year. I think we need at least one more practice show this spring! May god help us all.

Alice was a massive hit, with several people trying to steal her. Yes, I'm quite happy with her as well, and doubly happy that she and Doru do not get carsick anymore. Very happy to again have dogs that enjoy going everywhere with me. Walks, shows, hunting boar, these two are down for it and ready.


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