No More Puppy Travel to the USA?

 As reported by CNN earlier this month, the CDC has a proposal to change US canine import regulations. The proposed rules are open for public comment here

As someone who has been involved in a lot of worldwide pet import/export, I understand the issues the dog world is facing probably better than most. There are definitely problems that need to be addressed, but unfortunately most legislation worldwide goes far beyond what is necessary, and enters the realm of non logic based regulation. 

"In addition to the more stringent vaccination verification and screening efforts, the proposed updates require that all dogs entering the US be microchipped, at least 6 months old and healthy upon arrival."

If you read through the CNN article (or the CDC document linked above) you may miss the fact that the logic for raising the minimum import age to 6 months old is to tighten rabies restrictions, but they will be applying it to rabies free countries as well (like Japan and Australia). That's a bit of a head scratcher, since we haven't had rabies here since the 1950's. 

Parts of the regulation I whole heartedly agree with, such as requiring microchipping for all dogs, something which I have always been shocked was not a rule for entry to the US. But even Japan which along with Australia and Iceland, has some of the most stringent canine entry restrictions in the world, still recognizes that there are rules for rabies free countries, and then another set of rules for countries where rabies is still a threat.

Worldwide, the trend in animal and especially pet related regulation, has been moving toward more and more restriction and regulation (I'm looking at you, Canada). I am a proponent of fixing laws to give better protection to our animals, but we as pet owners need to be aware of new legislation and use our power to push back against what is not logic based or reasonable. 


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